May 22, 2010

45 Vigils and Rallies Call For A Crude Awakening - Call on Congress to Stand up to Big Oil

To mark the one-month anniversary of the BP drilling disaster, 45 vigils and rallies are planned around the country to call for a Crude Awakening. Oil has been gushing into the Gulf now for one month. With each day that passes, the impacts of our nation's dirty energy policy becomes more pronounced, but politicians in Washington, DC continue to promote the Big Oil agenda.

Our community is responding - Candlelight vigils are planned across Flora and in Grande Isle, LA, public theatre is taking place in San Antonio at the site of a recent oil refinery explosion, and young people across the state of South Carolina are showing up at the door of Senator Graham's office to demand he renew his leadership on climate and energy. Fed up with business as usual, and wanting to do something to help the Gulf, they are making their voices heard loud and clear.

Join them by calling your Senators today to demand they respond to the BP drilling disaster by standing up to Big Oil.

Last week the Senate blocked a bill to make BP pay for the cleanup, and this week the "Dirty Air Act" is re-surfacing for consideration. Our Senators need to hear from us, and your voice can help push us in the right direction.

The choices are very clear. Do we continue to allow dirty industry-driven policy to wreak havoc on our country, or do we take action that puts us on the path to a clean and just energy future? Let's help answer that question ourselves by starting serious conversation with our elected officials today.

Call your Senators to demand a permanent ban on offshore drilling and oppose the Dirty Air Act.

Candlelight vigils and rallies calling for this Crude Awakening are happening right now, but this doesn't end today. In a few days we'll send you updates on how the events went, and start to lay out some next steps moving forward. We are getting ready to launch a campaign for this fall to build power for clean energy solutions from the ground up - we know that we are in this for the long haul, and we hope you'll join us.